Instituto Universitario de Biología Molecular



In the year 2022 the members of the IUBM-UAM raised through research projects circa 5.9 million euros. According to the current agreement joint agreement CSIC-UAM, the overheads corresponding to these projects are assigned and managed directly by the CBMSO.

The UAM endowed the IUBM-UAM with a specific budget of 3,600 euros for the year 2022.

This budget was used for the following purposes:

Sponsorship of the PINP 2022 Award for the Best Doctoral Thesis 2022 in the CBMSO, and Awards for the Best Oral Communication and the Best Poster in the IX WORKSHOP STUDENTS & POSDOCS CBMSO 2022.

Equipment: acquisition of a computer to assist in the scientific and administrative management of the IUBM-UAM and the CBMSO.

Costs related to the meeting  of the External Scientific Advisory Board of the IUBM-UAM , December 12th 2022.